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Olaf Kolkman & Willem Toorop (NLnet Labs)


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            Introduction and mutual expectations

BLOCK 1 Classic DNS

   + Overview of DNS and its weaknesses.

   + Unbound security settings
   + Protecting Authoritative servers using TSIG

BLOCK 2: Unbound in practice

   [possibly skipped]

   + Theory and Demonstrations around UNBOUND Hardware dimensioning
     Network issues affecting Performance Advanced configuration /
     Performance settings Monitoring

BLOCK 3: DNSSEC in Theory DNS Security fundamentals

   + Public Key Cryptography Sleutels en de DNS Resource Records

   + Theory of operations Chains of Trust Do's and don'ts of DNSSEC
     serving Troubleshooting

   + Signature failures Transport failures strategies and tools for

BLOCK 4: DNS KEYs: risks and management Theoretische introductie van
     	OpenDNSSEC Demonstratie of, afhankelijk van beschikbare tijd,
	installatie in het lab

BLOCK 5: Introducing DNSSEC in a workflow How to design your project,
     	components to think about Participants take a stab at a high level
	project plan

  [possibly skipped]
BLOCK 6: Software and tools availability and development

   + where to find more information and some hints and tips on writing
     software with Net::DNS and ldns

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